Group News

Welcome Kallan and Kennedi

We want to welcome two new undergraduate group members for summer research. Kallan Blakemore is a rising senior at Auburn and Kennedi Banks is an REU student from Case Western Reserve University. Best of luck in your summer research!

New Publication – Cr3+ role in CuCrO2 Synthesis

In our latest work by Amanda Chown published in Inorganic Chemistry, we show that Cr3+ acts as a reductant in the hydrothermal synthesis of CuCrO2 from Cu2+ precursors. This synthesis is widely used in the literature to generate CuCrO2 nanocrystals, however, the exact role of Cr3+ as a reductant had never been identified. The information leads to a new stoichiometric ratio of 4:3 Cr:Cu needed to produce pure CuCrO2. Deviations from this can result in side product impurities.

Congrats Alex! Beckman Fellowship

Congratulations to former PhD student Alex Bredar for receiving a prestigious Beckman Postdoctoral Fellowship! She is currently working with Jillian Dempsey at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Congrats Brandon! REU and Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Brandon Dye who received an year long Undergraduate Research Fellowship from Auburn University as well as acceptance into a summer REU program at Columbia University!

Welcome Smriti

Welcome Smriti Somai as a new graduate student in the group!