New Publication – Gallium catalyzed growth of Cu2O nanocrystals

Our latest work by co-authors Alex Bredar and Noah Gibson (undergrad) shows the impact of Ga3+ and other group 13 metal cations have on the synthesis of Cu2O nanocrystals. They have found a new mechanism for oxide nanocrystal growth in which a catalytic metal can perform the required esterification reaction to produce hydroxide ligands and then pass them off to copper cations. Previous literature has suggested that the parent metal (i.e. copper) must be able to drive the esterification to produce Cu2O.!divAbstract

Welcome Brandon!

We want to welcome Brandon Dye to the group as a undergraduate summer REU student from Auburn. He will be working with Andricus on MBE catalysis and continuing research in the Fall semester.

Congrats Andricus – EPSCoR Fellowship!

Congratulations to Andricus on being awarded a GRSP Fellowship from EPSCoR! This comes with a year of funding to pursue new research directions in ternary metal oxide synthesis and electrocatalysis.

Undergraduates to Grad School

We are so proud to see two of our undergrads graduate students accepted into many graduate schools in Chemistry this year. Congrats to Noah Gibson and Alex Stephens for making their final decisions of Yale and UC-Davis, respectively. We can’t wait to see all you accomplish!