Group News

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We are excited to get started on our research projects in the new year.

Welcome Alex!

Alex Combs joined the group! She is the first graduate student in the Farnum group and hails from Danville, KY.


Our potentiostats have arrived! The CHI 660E is equipped with DC/AC capabilities, impedance spectroscopy, and fitting software. The Pine WaveDriver is a bipotentiostat and comes with a complete Rotating Ring-Disk Electrochemistry setup.


A new ThermoScientific iS-50 FTIR was installed in the lab. Features include a built-in diamond ATR crystal and a VeeMax III (Pike) accessory for spectroelectrochemical measurements.


Two new spectrophotometers have arrived in the lab. The Cary 8454 comes with a photodiode array for UV-Vis (200-1100 nm) absorbance detection. The Cary 5000 comes with two detectors for UV-Vis (200-1000 nm) and NIR (800-3300 nm) detection as well as an integrating sphere accessory.